5 Indoor Plants That You Should Consider Keeping in Your Bathroom

5 Indoor Plants That You Should Consider Keeping in Your Bathroom

It is quite common for plants to be used as decorative items in a person’s home, but you need to be careful if deciding to do this yourself as not all plants will do well indoors. You need to select only the types of plants that are suited to indoor environments so that they live long and healthy lives. I am sure that your local gardener will be able to guide you towards the variety of plants that thrive in low light conditions and if looking for plants to place in the bathroom, then you should also look for the types that enjoy highly damp environments, while also requiring minimal care and attention.

Decorating the bathroom with various plants is certainly a good idea, providing you choose wisely and find the right species to provide optimum benefits to your room. There are actually 5 species of indoor plants that are perfectly suited to living in your bathrooms, not only because of them being suited to the kind of environment found in a bathroom, but also because of the positive effects they have on the air and your own mental well-being; they absorb pollutants and help to reduce stress.

The best 5 plant species to have in your bathroom are

5 Indoor Plants That You Should Consider Keeping in Your Bathroom

  • The Spider Plant – this particular species of indoor plant does well in cool, damp temperatures and requires very little attention. They also will help to absorb and remove carbon monoxide from your bathroom
  • Peace Lilies – this pretty looking indoor plant also requires very little care and adds some nice ambiance to a room. It also has the quality of being able to remove damaging Benzene from your homes
  • Aloe Vera – Known by the Ancient Egyptians as the plant of immortality, it quires to be watered sparingly and should probably be placed near a window so that it gets some indirect sunlight. Aloe Vera will absorb and clean the air of Formaldehyde and also it can soothe insect bites and provide a great moisturizing gels if you ever have dry skin or are suffering from sunburn
  • Boston Fern – A light and bushy kind of indoor plant. The ferns can quickly spread out and command a large amount of space if not kept under control, so these are really more suitable for the large sized bathrooms. The Boston Fern does well in cool and humid environments. If the air is too dry then you will notice the ferns starting to wither, if you do see these signs, then you should spray the bathroom with some water more frequently and make sure you keep the basket or pot that is home to your Boston Fern soaked with daily watering
  • Orchids – are very pleasing on the eye, so for an aesthetic improvement, putting an Orchid or two in your bathroom is the ideal solution. The Orchid plants enjoy bright, non-direct sunlight and a humid environment. They also require very little space and minimal care.

So, you should certainly consider getting yourself some bathroom plants as soon as you can and do what you can to purify the air in your home.

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