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Have You Got A Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet? If Not You Should Get One!

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

In my humble opinion, every bathroom should consist of a toilet, a bathroom wash basin, a bathtub or shower, towel rails and mirrored bathroom cabinet. Of course you can fit more into your bathroom if space permits and if it does, then I would fully expect there to be more than just these bare essentials, but at the very least I think all bathrooms need what I have listed above. When I have discussed this topic with others, they have agreed with me on all items, except for the mirrored bathroom cabinet – instead these people have been insistent that a mirror would do and the cabinet is not a necessity, but I bed to differ. Without the mirrored bathroom cabinet you would have not real space to store anything, so you would then need to fit something else into the bathroom which would have otherwise been perfectly fine sitting behind the mirrors, and not taking up any unnecessary space, space that you might not have to waste. So my point is, that why would you choose to take up additional space with some kind of shelving unit/units or an additional storage unit or cabinet, when you could already have one that comes with your mirror unit – surely this makes logical sense, or am I missing something?

The argument I have heard against the mirrored cabinets is that the mirrors on the cabinets do not offer enough surface space to get the kind of clarity that one would want from their bathroom mirror and then secondly that the storage space offered inside the cabinet is not sufficient enough to store much more away than perhaps a few items of medicine and a wash bag. My obvious come back to this argument is that the people with this point of view are simply just not looking in the right places and the mirrored bathroom cabinets that they have come across are just not big enough and probably not of a high enough standard. So it is certainly important that you shop in the right places for your mirrored bathroom cabinet and that you have enough budget and are prepared to spend a little extra to get a good quality cabinet that is solid, steady and large enough for holding a sufficiently large mirror and adding enough storage space to your otherwise limited space for storage bathroom. Somewhere that I can highly recommend for these mirrored units and at very reasonable prices is a website called The Bathrooms and More Store. This is an online furniture store that specialize in bathroom furniture, and they keep their pricing on all their products at very competitively low amounts. They also only stock and sell top quality items, so you will not be disappointed with the unit you choose to purchase from them. They offer a very helpful customer service for their valued customers too, so you will be well looked after, every step along the buying and fitting process.

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What Looks Better In The Bathroom; Painted Units Or A Natural Oak Grain?


It can go without saying that the colour of the bathroom furniture units and fittings is a very important decision that you will need to make when re-designing your bathroom. Ultimately everyone has different tastes, so what might look perfect to one person, might look crass to another. The style that you are trying to accomplish will also have its part to play in the eventual colour that you choose for the common theme within your bathroom. For example, a more modern, contemporary looking bathroom will usually be fitted with painted or coloured units, while a more traditionally styled bathroom will usually be fitted with hard wood units that are finished with a thick satin lacquer, that will protect the wood surface and also help to bring out the beautiful character that you can get from an oak surface or perhaps you will prefer units crafted from walnut; both look fantastic in my opinion. Another popular style of bathroom is the French styled bathrooms that tend to be designed with oak furniture units with elegant designs and a tempered white matt finish. So which style and design would you say looks best? I am sure there would be very mixed answers if we carried out a poll, but for the sake of this post I will give you my educated thoughts and answer.


First of all, although I am very interested in the modern bathroom technologies that are coming to the market and am also fascinated with the new contemporary modern bathroom designs, I am still a sucker for old vintage styled furniture and bathrooms and I just love the feeling that you get from bare wood furniture, especially from quality oak furnishings.  So for me I would definitely have to say that a bathroom furnished and fitted with solid oak units that have a satin lacquer, exemplifying the stunning grain of the oak surfaces is what I think looks best. To add a cherry on top, or icing on the cake, I would choose oak vanity units that come with a white marble or white quartz top and white or cream marble basin. All surfaces would be finished with the same stone as the vanity units and if possible the floor would have an under floor heating system to add to the warmth that will already be coming from the solid oak wood units; I find that as well as bare oak furniture adding lots of character to a room, it also gives off a warm and comforting feeling. To me I feel like oak surfaced furniture is very homely and relaxing.

I do also have a liking for white, cream or grey painted oak bathroom furniture and specifically cream painted oak vanity units with stone tops and basins. I think the painted oak units and a black quartz or travertine top contrast each other magnificently and if done right, they can complete a stunning looking bathroom design.

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The Futuristic Bathrooms & Showers Available Today

futuristic bathroom

The future is here and if you don’t believe me, just go ahead and do some searches online and look for the futuristic bathrooms and shower units that are already available in today’s retail market. If you have enough money to spend you can go out and buy yourself all kinds of luxurious and futuristic designs and alternative bathing & shower units that are really wilder than what my imagination could even conger up. For example you can now purchase a horizontal shower unit that is fitted with high pressure jets; this allows the user to actually remain lying down for their entire shower experience. You can get touch screen, programmable taps, with face recognition. There are toilets that double up as urinal and sitting toilets in one unit (the modern toilet can change its shape with a touch of a button). Other units offer shower and bath options all in one with built in radio and steaming functions.

futuristic shower

The futuristic fittings would not look right in a normal designed and styled bathroom however, so if you were thinking of going out and investing in one of the aforementioned new, modern products, then you should also be considering and budgeting for an entire bathroom redesign. From tiles, to lighting to basins, mirrors and even toilets – your modern bathroom should be fitted with all of the modern designs of each. The lighting of course counts for a lot, as it will be setting the mood, and as it is the relatively cheaper fitting out of the various items you will be fitting the new modern, futuristic bathroom with, you should ensure you plan it well, with the right switch and brightness, as well as the right colour shades, so that it adds to the ambience of the bathroom in the right way; making it that little bit more relaxing, rather than being too bright and intrusive.

Now that I have seen the selections available, I think I will be making an effort to start saving for my own futuristic bathroom. They look absolutely fantastic and I am sure they would also be a pleasure to use, this is providing they do not always break down as I assume it would be quite a bother to find someone with the skills and knowledge to fix such modern technologies.

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Onyx Is Becoming More Popular in UK Bathrooms & It Is Not Surprising Why

onyx bathroom

If you have never heard of the hard-stone material that is Onyx then you will not be alone, although it is becoming ever more popular within the UK homeowner market and also with property developers. It really does not come as so much of a surprise though as it really is a very good looking, or you could go as far as saying it is quite a stunning hard stone. The common shades being used are the golden/honey coloured Onyx and then the darker grey/black Onyx – both look great and being a member of the quartz crystal family it leaves no wonder why.

In my opinion the Golden/Honey coloured Onyx topped vanity units and shower units look aesthetically much better than the darker coloured Onyx stone topped units. However this is of course just a matter of taste and feeling. Both shades of Onyx stone are said to have healing properties though and apparently will help to rid you of any negative emotions you might be feeling while in their presence – I am almost certain that this is not at the forefront of the buyers minds when purchasing the Onyx bathroom units that they are fitting into their home bathrooms, although it is of course an added bonus. The golden Onyx topped vanity and storage units can also come fitted with a backlight which really helps to bring out the beauty of the stone and can make for a nice relaxing tone of light if one wants to soak in a warm bath and forget about the outside stresses.

Onyx topped bathroom units, Onyx shower units and tubs and other Onyx topped bathroom furniture/fittings can all be easily looked after and cleaned with most household cleaners – just be careful to not use something too abrasive and it is best to also not make a habit of cleaning the Onyx tops too frequently. A tip for keeping the Onyx stone looking its best is it use a cleaning product that will leave a protective gloss behind, so that there is always a layer of polish to protect the stunning shiny finish that the Onyx stone topped furniture provides.

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Keeping A Tidy Bathroom = Mission Impossible?

Keeping A Tidy Bathroom = Mission Impossible?

When I was a young lad, and during growing up, I was always lead to believe that it was the boys that are the messy ones, while the girls tend to generally bring a more organised, clean touch to what they do. Was this just me and my childhood or was this the same ethos among the common public in the UK? I am pretty certain that this was & is actually what people are still led to believe and boys or men bring about dirty, messy and disorganized connotations, while the feminine side of the human race tends to connote nice smelling floral scents and comfortable, relaxing environments. Well, I have learned in the years it has taken me to reach middle-life that this whole idea is totally incorrect and in fact almost totally backwards and opposite to what is the reality. The truth is that woman (in my experience, and actually the experiences of many of whom I have discussed this topic with) are the messy, dirty ones and for the most part, pay no attention to organization, punctuality, order or to being in the slightest bit tidy.

Keeping A Tidy Bathroom = Mission Impossible?

This can be clearly demonstrated in nearly all bathrooms that I have come across that have a shared usage from both a husband and wife; the end result from every inspection or test is that the woman in the relationship is by far, you could even say by a country mile, the guilty party when it comes to leaving the room in a complete state, unfit for children and almost unfit for living. If you think about it though, it is almost understandable when you consider the huge variety of different toiletries, beauty products, shampoos, cleansers, toners and hair styling products and hardware that most woman these days need and use on literally a daily basis. When I come to think of it and start listing all the different products and potions that my lady uses each day, it actually resembles keeping a clean and tidy bathroom more of an entirely impossible mission, or mission impossible.


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What A Woman Wants To See In The Bathroom

What A Woman Wants To See In The Bathroom

It goes without saying that men and woman want or need very different things when it comes to the bathroom and the fittings and furniture you fit in it. For example, most men are more than happy with just having a shower unit, pedestal bathroom basin, shaving mirror with shaving light and a small shelf unit beneath the mirror. This will provide everything they will need on a daily basis and will save a lot by going with a very minimal approach. On the hand, most woman will see a bathtub as being an essential bathroom fitting, as they will need to take time for a long de-stressing soak at least once a week. Also you will find that woman require more storage space in the form of cabinets, shelving units, vanities and a wide/large surface space around the sink for placing all their cleansers, toners, clipper, brushes, picks, bands, sprays Etc. With all the extra toiletries and beauty products will come the need for also placing a bin of some sort.

What A Woman Wants To See In The Bathroom

So if you want to keep your other half happy when it comes to re-designing or renovating the bathroom, you should make sure you speak with her to find out what she considers as being essential for her to enjoy a happy bathroom experience. You might get away with not having to fit in a bathtub and of course in many cases the space available will just not allow for one. You will however probably be requested to invest in a solid, hard wood vanity unit with a stone top to make room for the products she will need easy access to. A wall hung mirrored cabinet is also likely going to be on the list of necessities, which is not so bad as this will also cover you with providing the shaving mirror, light and also a place to store away your shaving equipment. You could then also fit another shelving type unit to make more space as you will surely need it (believe me), and this type of fitting will be relatively light on your wallet. Lastly, I forgot to mention the towel rail, which some of you men will not see as being essential, but your better half will – it doesn’t need to be heated, but it does need to be well fitted so that it doesn’t soon rip off the wall.

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5 Indoor Plants That You Should Consider Keeping in Your Bathroom

5 Indoor Plants That You Should Consider Keeping in Your Bathroom

It is quite common for plants to be used as decorative items in a person’s home, but you need to be careful if deciding to do this yourself as not all plants will do well indoors. You need to select only the types of plants that are suited to indoor environments so that they live long and healthy lives. I am sure that your local gardener will be able to guide you towards the variety of plants that thrive in low light conditions and if looking for plants to place in the bathroom, then you should also look for the types that enjoy highly damp environments, while also requiring minimal care and attention.

Decorating the bathroom with various plants is certainly a good idea, providing you choose wisely and find the right species to provide optimum benefits to your room. There are actually 5 species of indoor plants that are perfectly suited to living in your bathrooms, not only because of them being suited to the kind of environment found in a bathroom, but also because of the positive effects they have on the air and your own mental well-being; they absorb pollutants and help to reduce stress.

The best 5 plant species to have in your bathroom are

5 Indoor Plants That You Should Consider Keeping in Your Bathroom

  • The Spider Plant – this particular species of indoor plant does well in cool, damp temperatures and requires very little attention. They also will help to absorb and remove carbon monoxide from your bathroom
  • Peace Lilies – this pretty looking indoor plant also requires very little care and adds some nice ambiance to a room. It also has the quality of being able to remove damaging Benzene from your homes
  • Aloe Vera – Known by the Ancient Egyptians as the plant of immortality, it quires to be watered sparingly and should probably be placed near a window so that it gets some indirect sunlight. Aloe Vera will absorb and clean the air of Formaldehyde and also it can soothe insect bites and provide a great moisturizing gels if you ever have dry skin or are suffering from sunburn
  • Boston Fern – A light and bushy kind of indoor plant. The ferns can quickly spread out and command a large amount of space if not kept under control, so these are really more suitable for the large sized bathrooms. The Boston Fern does well in cool and humid environments. If the air is too dry then you will notice the ferns starting to wither, if you do see these signs, then you should spray the bathroom with some water more frequently and make sure you keep the basket or pot that is home to your Boston Fern soaked with daily watering
  • Orchids – are very pleasing on the eye, so for an aesthetic improvement, putting an Orchid or two in your bathroom is the ideal solution. The Orchid plants enjoy bright, non-direct sunlight and a humid environment. They also require very little space and minimal care.

So, you should certainly consider getting yourself some bathroom plants as soon as you can and do what you can to purify the air in your home.

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Take Some Time Choosing The Mirror You Will Be Fitting In Your Bathroom

Take Some Time Choosing The Mirror You Will Be Fitting In Your Bathroom

There are many important things to consider when renovating your bathroom; poor planning and execution will ultimately just result in you or your living partner/s (if you have any) wanting to re-renovate before too long. Most people will get the more obvious things done in the right way, or a good enough way. Furnishing and fittings like the toilet, vanity unit and basin/s, bathtub, shower unit & towel rail. However it is probably more common than you would expect that hardly any thought or no thought at all will be given towards the bathroom mirror! So after going through all the time, effort and expense of redesigning and fitting all the new units into the bathroom, the misplaced, poorly-lit or wrongly sized mirror quickly gets all the attention for the wrong reasons. In many cases it can cause arguments between partners, with the woman in the relationship kicking up quite a fuss after coming to the realization that she can no longer spend hours pampering herself and perfecting her hair and make-up in what was once the best room in the home for that purpose.

Take Some Time Choosing The Mirror You Will Be Fitting In Your Bathroom

So save yourself a lot of stress, pain and money by taking a little time to plan for the type of mirror you will be fitting & where in the room you will be fitting it. It will be certainly worth this little extra time and effort to avoid being one of the unfortunate percentage that finds themselves facing this type of dilemma after having created a bathroom that will aggravate and annoy their wife or girlfriend first thing in the morning, every morning and probably throughout the day and lastly every night before you both are getting in to bed. The things you should think about should be regarding the size of mirror you will purchase; analyse the space you have available in the bathroom and check on where the natural light is coming from for the most part of the day. Also with the lighting, you could also fit a light onto the actual mirror which is quite common; also a backlight can be used for more lighting effect. Think about comfort too; you want to position the mirror in a place that can be accessed for long periods of time in comfort – it is best if you also have a worktop type of unit just under where the mirror is hanging to the wall, as this will provide the much needed space for the variety of makeup and other toiletries. Try and get the largest mirror possible without going over the top and buying something that will look totally out of place, and remember that you can always get more than one mirror if the space allows for it.

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Take Some Time To Decorate Your Bathroom

bathroom decoration

After going through the complicated and sometimes stressful experience of renovating your bathroom you will have completed the hardest part of planning, buying and fitting all the main bathroom items of furniture, like the basin, perhaps a vanity unit, toilet, bathtub and or shower. However to  get the new bathroom design looking and feeling great, you should next be giving thought and attention towards what other fittings you will include along with the various items you will use to decorate the room in a warm and comfortable way.

An item or fitting that all bathrooms need and should have, is the bathroom mirror. You need to decide if you would have a simple wall hung mirror or alternatively choose to go with a mirrored bathroom cabinet. If choosing the wall hung mirror option, you can (as long as the size of your bathrooms permits) usually find and fit a larger mirror than you would get from the mirrored cabinet type. The mirror is great for adding light to the bathroom and of course for checking yourself out and making sure you look the part before heading out for the day/night.  Another important fitting for most people and another item I could not do without is the towel rail – if you are going for more of a luxury design/style of bathroom, then you will likely want to go for the heated towel rails. If you are saving on expenses, then you will want to go for just the standard wooden, metal or even plastic towel rail, just there to offer support for hanging towels. For those of you who tend to buy and keep a lot of toiletries, make-ups, medicines grooming products – you will need to consider purchasing some kind of bathroom storage solution, whether it might be within a vanity unit or within its own storage unit is up to you, and of course dependent on the size of your bathroom. You might also want to place a nice oak laundry basket in the bathroom, again if you have the space for it.

bathroom decoration

When it comes to decorating the bathroom it can be tricky to decide upon what you will be using to add some life and colour to the tiles/walls and bathroom fittings. You could choose to buy some small picture frames and hang some interesting art on the walls, or perhaps some kind of wall/tile stickers to add character. I always like to decorate my bathroom with some nice indoor, bathroom plants; these can really bring a bathroom together, at the same time as assisting with purifying the air.

You should now have some ideas of your own and be ready to complete the ideal bathroom for your home – Good luck.

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The Numerous Styles of Baths to Choose Between


As you may have noticed, there are actually many different styles and types of bathtubs that you can choose between when redesigning or renovating your bathroom at home. Some baths are made for style, some for convenience while others offer more comfort and luxury. The more common type of bathtubs that you will find in today’s market in the UK is as follows:

The Pedestal/Clawfoot Baths

These baths are as they sound – they stand on 4 ‘clawed feet’ or on a pedestal and they came into popularity somewhere within the 19th century, becoming a common household item within high society. They can be placed anywhere within ones bathroom and range in different shapes and sizes.

Recessed or Alcove Baths

These are probably the most common type of bathtubs found in the UK, they usually come with a shower head hanging over them and will be fitted against a wall on either two or three sides. They also range in style and size and these days will usually be designed from fiberglass.

Drop-In baths

These types of baths are deigned to either drop into a floor cavity or a raised platform to offer a clean and flush finish. They often will be surrounded by some kind of guttering system as they are supposed to be filled to the brim and overspill into the surrounding guttering. If done right, these bathtub designs can be very stylish and pleasing on the eye.

corner bathtub

Corner Baths

These types of bathtubs, as suggested by the name, fit into corners of a room and can be ideal for when space is limited. They also can look great and many come with air-jets fitted within them to offer a kind of whirlpool/Jacuzzi effect.

Walk-In/Gated Baths

These bathtubs are designed more for convenience and are made with high walls and a seated area within the bath. They will have a walk-in gate/door fitted to them so that the bather can walk into the bathtub, take a seat and then close the door, before turning the taps on and filling the bath to their desired height. These types of baths are common for elderly or disabled bathers, for whom stepping over a wall and lowering into a bath can be difficult.

There are of course many other bath designs and styles but these above tend to be the more commonly used in UK households. We hope this helps to give you some good ideas for what you will be fitting into your new bathroom.

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