Have You Got A Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet? If Not You Should Get One!

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

In my humble opinion, every bathroom should consist of a toilet, a bathroom wash basin, a bathtub or shower, towel rails and mirrored bathroom cabinet. Of course you can fit more into your bathroom if space permits and if it does, then I would fully expect there to be more than just these bare essentials, but at the very least I think all bathrooms need what I have listed above. When I have discussed this topic with others, they have agreed with me on all items, except for the mirrored bathroom cabinet – instead these people have been insistent that a mirror would do and the cabinet is not a necessity, but I bed to differ. Without the mirrored bathroom cabinet you would have not real space to store anything, so you would then need to fit something else into the bathroom which would have otherwise been perfectly fine sitting behind the mirrors, and not taking up any unnecessary space, space that you might not have to waste. So my point is, that why would you choose to take up additional space with some kind of shelving unit/units or an additional storage unit or cabinet, when you could already have one that comes with your mirror unit – surely this makes logical sense, or am I missing something?

The argument I have heard against the mirrored cabinets is that the mirrors on the cabinets do not offer enough surface space to get the kind of clarity that one would want from their bathroom mirror and then secondly that the storage space offered inside the cabinet is not sufficient enough to store much more away than perhaps a few items of medicine and a wash bag. My obvious come back to this argument is that the people with this point of view are simply just not looking in the right places and the mirrored bathroom cabinets that they have come across are just not big enough and probably not of a high enough standard. So it is certainly important that you shop in the right places for your mirrored bathroom cabinet and that you have enough budget and are prepared to spend a little extra to get a good quality cabinet that is solid, steady and large enough for holding a sufficiently large mirror and adding enough storage space to your otherwise limited space for storage bathroom. Somewhere that I can highly recommend for these mirrored units and at very reasonable prices is a website called The Bathrooms and More Store. This is an online furniture store that specialize in bathroom furniture, and they keep their pricing on all their products at very competitively low amounts. They also only stock and sell top quality items, so you will not be disappointed with the unit you choose to purchase from them. They offer a very helpful customer service for their valued customers too, so you will be well looked after, every step along the buying and fitting process.

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