Onyx Is Becoming More Popular in UK Bathrooms & It Is Not Surprising Why

onyx bathroom

If you have never heard of the hard-stone material that is Onyx then you will not be alone, although it is becoming ever more popular within the UK homeowner market and also with property developers. It really does not come as so much of a surprise though as it really is a very good looking, or you could go as far as saying it is quite a stunning hard stone. The common shades being used are the golden/honey coloured Onyx and then the darker grey/black Onyx – both look great and being a member of the quartz crystal family it leaves no wonder why.

In my opinion the Golden/Honey coloured Onyx topped vanity units and shower units look aesthetically much better than the darker coloured Onyx stone topped units. However this is of course just a matter of taste and feeling. Both shades of Onyx stone are said to have healing properties though and apparently will help to rid you of any negative emotions you might be feeling while in their presence – I am almost certain that this is not at the forefront of the buyers minds when purchasing the Onyx bathroom units that they are fitting into their home bathrooms, although it is of course an added bonus. The golden Onyx topped vanity and storage units can also come fitted with a backlight which really helps to bring out the beauty of the stone and can make for a nice relaxing tone of light if one wants to soak in a warm bath and forget about the outside stresses.

Onyx topped bathroom units, Onyx shower units and tubs and other Onyx topped bathroom furniture/fittings can all be easily looked after and cleaned with most household cleaners – just be careful to not use something too abrasive and it is best to also not make a habit of cleaning the Onyx tops too frequently. A tip for keeping the Onyx stone looking its best is it use a cleaning product that will leave a protective gloss behind, so that there is always a layer of polish to protect the stunning shiny finish that the Onyx stone topped furniture provides.

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