Take Some Time To Decorate Your Bathroom

bathroom decoration

After going through the complicated and sometimes stressful experience of renovating your bathroom you will have completed the hardest part of planning, buying and fitting all the main bathroom items of furniture, like the basin, perhaps a vanity unit, toilet, bathtub and or shower. However to  get the new bathroom design looking and feeling great, you should next be giving thought and attention towards what other fittings you will include along with the various items you will use to decorate the room in a warm and comfortable way.

An item or fitting that all bathrooms need and should have, is the bathroom mirror. You need to decide if you would have a simple wall hung mirror or alternatively choose to go with a mirrored bathroom cabinet. If choosing the wall hung mirror option, you can (as long as the size of your bathrooms permits) usually find and fit a larger mirror than you would get from the mirrored cabinet type. The mirror is great for adding light to the bathroom and of course for checking yourself out and making sure you look the part before heading out for the day/night.  Another important fitting for most people and another item I could not do without is the towel rail – if you are going for more of a luxury design/style of bathroom, then you will likely want to go for the heated towel rails. If you are saving on expenses, then you will want to go for just the standard wooden, metal or even plastic towel rail, just there to offer support for hanging towels. For those of you who tend to buy and keep a lot of toiletries, make-ups, medicines grooming products – you will need to consider purchasing some kind of bathroom storage solution, whether it might be within a vanity unit or within its own storage unit is up to you, and of course dependent on the size of your bathroom. You might also want to place a nice oak laundry basket in the bathroom, again if you have the space for it.

bathroom decoration

When it comes to decorating the bathroom it can be tricky to decide upon what you will be using to add some life and colour to the tiles/walls and bathroom fittings. You could choose to buy some small picture frames and hang some interesting art on the walls, or perhaps some kind of wall/tile stickers to add character. I always like to decorate my bathroom with some nice indoor, bathroom plants; these can really bring a bathroom together, at the same time as assisting with purifying the air.

You should now have some ideas of your own and be ready to complete the ideal bathroom for your home – Good luck.

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