The Arrival of the Horizontal Shower – Yes or No?

Horizontal Shower

You might not believe me, but there is actually now a design of shower that is made for lying horizontal, and actually after reviewing it myself I have to admit that it is superb. The company that have finally had the guts to bring this quirky change to the norm when it comes to showers is a pioneer in the industry, called Dornbracht. They have done a great job on this innovative bathroom fitting and for those of you who have the money and are getting lazy of the traditional vertical shower, this is certainly going to be right on point with what you want.

 Dornbracht Horizontal Shower

The Dornbracht Horizontal shower is something that will be the center piece of any bathroom as it is designed in such a way that it is so pleasing on the eye and of course because of it being such a unique and untried type of unit. The shower has 6 jets that will spray down water onto the user at the right pressure and temperature and the design of the surface beneath the user is in such a way that will have the water effortlessly rinse away, taking away all the dirt and soap with it. There is also a modern, fancy looking control panel that will come with the fitted, horizontal shower, which makes the controlling of pressure and temperature a pleasure. The control will be placed neatly into the wall where the shower is also placed and all together the shower and control panel will bring together a modern, unique looking bathroom that will be an ideal place to go and wash away the day’s struggle for the lucky owner.

I have to say that if I had the money (and I will one day soon), I would invest in one of these showers myself. Not because I am too lazy to stand in a shower – no, because I would actually also keep the normal vertical designed, standing shower in my ideal bathroom, but it will be because I would then do away with having the traditional bathtub in my dream bathroom. I am not one that actually likes to spend long periods soaking in a bath and I would much prefer something like this, which to me would be a more hygienic, more efficient and less timely way of enjoying a bathing experience lying down, instead of always standing in the shower. What about you? Is this something that would take your fancy or not? I hope we start seeing more of these designs coming to the market, and more companies following the lead taken by Dornbracht.

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