The Futuristic Bathrooms & Showers Available Today

futuristic bathroom

The future is here and if you don’t believe me, just go ahead and do some searches online and look for the futuristic bathrooms and shower units that are already available in today’s retail market. If you have enough money to spend you can go out and buy yourself all kinds of luxurious and futuristic designs and alternative bathing & shower units that are really wilder than what my imagination could even conger up. For example you can now purchase a horizontal shower unit that is fitted with high pressure jets; this allows the user to actually remain lying down for their entire shower experience. You can get touch screen, programmable taps, with face recognition. There are toilets that double up as urinal and sitting toilets in one unit (the modern toilet can change its shape with a touch of a button). Other units offer shower and bath options all in one with built in radio and steaming functions.

futuristic shower

The futuristic fittings would not look right in a normal designed and styled bathroom however, so if you were thinking of going out and investing in one of the aforementioned new, modern products, then you should also be considering and budgeting for an entire bathroom redesign. From tiles, to lighting to basins, mirrors and even toilets – your modern bathroom should be fitted with all of the modern designs of each. The lighting of course counts for a lot, as it will be setting the mood, and as it is the relatively cheaper fitting out of the various items you will be fitting the new modern, futuristic bathroom with, you should ensure you plan it well, with the right switch and brightness, as well as the right colour shades, so that it adds to the ambience of the bathroom in the right way; making it that little bit more relaxing, rather than being too bright and intrusive.

Now that I have seen the selections available, I think I will be making an effort to start saving for my own futuristic bathroom. They look absolutely fantastic and I am sure they would also be a pleasure to use, this is providing they do not always break down as I assume it would be quite a bother to find someone with the skills and knowledge to fix such modern technologies.

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