The Numerous Styles of Baths to Choose Between


As you may have noticed, there are actually many different styles and types of bathtubs that you can choose between when redesigning or renovating your bathroom at home. Some baths are made for style, some for convenience while others offer more comfort and luxury. The more common type of bathtubs that you will find in today’s market in the UK is as follows:

The Pedestal/Clawfoot Baths

These baths are as they sound – they stand on 4 ‘clawed feet’ or on a pedestal and they came into popularity somewhere within the 19th century, becoming a common household item within high society. They can be placed anywhere within ones bathroom and range in different shapes and sizes.

Recessed or Alcove Baths

These are probably the most common type of bathtubs found in the UK, they usually come with a shower head hanging over them and will be fitted against a wall on either two or three sides. They also range in style and size and these days will usually be designed from fiberglass.

Drop-In baths

These types of baths are deigned to either drop into a floor cavity or a raised platform to offer a clean and flush finish. They often will be surrounded by some kind of guttering system as they are supposed to be filled to the brim and overspill into the surrounding guttering. If done right, these bathtub designs can be very stylish and pleasing on the eye.

corner bathtub

Corner Baths

These types of bathtubs, as suggested by the name, fit into corners of a room and can be ideal for when space is limited. They also can look great and many come with air-jets fitted within them to offer a kind of whirlpool/Jacuzzi effect.

Walk-In/Gated Baths

These bathtubs are designed more for convenience and are made with high walls and a seated area within the bath. They will have a walk-in gate/door fitted to them so that the bather can walk into the bathtub, take a seat and then close the door, before turning the taps on and filling the bath to their desired height. These types of baths are common for elderly or disabled bathers, for whom stepping over a wall and lowering into a bath can be difficult.

There are of course many other bath designs and styles but these above tend to be the more commonly used in UK households. We hope this helps to give you some good ideas for what you will be fitting into your new bathroom.

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