What Looks Better In The Bathroom; Painted Units Or A Natural Oak Grain?


It can go without saying that the colour of the bathroom furniture units and fittings is a very important decision that you will need to make when re-designing your bathroom. Ultimately everyone has different tastes, so what might look perfect to one person, might look crass to another. The style that you are trying to accomplish will also have its part to play in the eventual colour that you choose for the common theme within your bathroom. For example, a more modern, contemporary looking bathroom will usually be fitted with painted or coloured units, while a more traditionally styled bathroom will usually be fitted with hard wood units that are finished with a thick satin lacquer, that will protect the wood surface and also help to bring out the beautiful character that you can get from an oak surface or perhaps you will prefer units crafted from walnut; both look fantastic in my opinion. Another popular style of bathroom is the French styled bathrooms that tend to be designed with oak furniture units with elegant designs and a tempered white matt finish. So which style and design would you say looks best? I am sure there would be very mixed answers if we carried out a poll, but for the sake of this post I will give you my educated thoughts and answer.


First of all, although I am very interested in the modern bathroom technologies that are coming to the market and am also fascinated with the new contemporary modern bathroom designs, I am still a sucker for old vintage styled furniture and bathrooms and I just love the feeling that you get from bare wood furniture, especially from quality oak furnishings.  So for me I would definitely have to say that a bathroom furnished and fitted with solid oak units that have a satin lacquer, exemplifying the stunning grain of the oak surfaces is what I think looks best. To add a cherry on top, or icing on the cake, I would choose oak vanity units that come with a white marble or white quartz top and white or cream marble basin. All surfaces would be finished with the same stone as the vanity units and if possible the floor would have an under floor heating system to add to the warmth that will already be coming from the solid oak wood units; I find that as well as bare oak furniture adding lots of character to a room, it also gives off a warm and comforting feeling. To me I feel like oak surfaced furniture is very homely and relaxing.

I do also have a liking for white, cream or grey painted oak bathroom furniture and specifically cream painted oak vanity units with stone tops and basins. I think the painted oak units and a black quartz or travertine top contrast each other magnificently and if done right, they can complete a stunning looking bathroom design.

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