What Styles Are Trending Within UK Bathrooms This Summer

As we get the chance to view a large number of bathrooms across the entire United Kingdom, we get a glimpse of what is in and what is out each year and sometimes the changes we see can be quite surprising and interesting. We have taken the time to share with you some of the top trending styles and designs that we have witnessed this summer of 2019. I have to say that I am quite impressed by the quality of the bathrooms we have come across during our work up and down the country so far. It is nice to see that UK homeowners take a lot of pride in ensuring their own bathrooms are clean, comfortable and easy on the eyes.

Something we noticed being popular was the usage of wooden and most frequently, oak bathroom furniture and vanity units. The hard-wood storage and vanity bathroom fittings were often complimented or completed with either marble tops, matte black painted units and/or statement art pieces. The most commonly fitted bathroom basins that usually would sit on top of an oak vanity unit with some sort of natural stone top were the vessel type or styled basins, usually with one solo mixer tap. Something else we noticed being used more and more within UK bathrooms was some sort of spa styling. Be it some spa looking wall mirrors, towels or bath tub style. Certainly we noticed more of a spa feeling and a touch more luxury within the bathrooms this year.

Another welcome addition to UK bathrooms that we have noticed becoming more and more popular as we get further into 2019, is the usage of modern technology and fitting of modern, high-tech/futuristic gadgets. The most popular fitting to get the modernization was the toilet. There are now some very flashy and handy toilets on the market in the UK. You can find certain loos that will clean themselves and operate following your hand gestures. The seat of the modern toilet in question is also programmable so as to offer the ideal heat for the user and even provides mood lighting for whenever the time calls for needing some mood lighting while sitting on the toilet. I know I could probably have benefited from some in the past ;).

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